IS Créatif are designers and manufacturers of beautiful décor products namely GietGoed, Décor and Lights.

GietGoed are embellishments mainly for the creative and self do enthusiasts, to be used on furniture, frames ,doors, mirrors, walls almost any surface you want to beautify.

These embellishments have been hand sculpted from clay to create our masters, where after we mould them in a durable imported urethane resin. These embellishments are extremely sturdy and easy to attach to any flat surface they can easily be bent to fit curves and contours with heat application. Bending instructions can be downloaded from our Downloads page. There are also a few items that are bold that we mould in urethane foam these cannot be bent but they are durable and light in weight.

All embellishments can be stuck into place with any permanent strong adhesive and can be painted over with about any type of paint.



Create with GietGoed it’s only one’s imagination that limits the endless combinations and unique designs that can be applied… style your furniture for a fresh new look.

Décor is range of products that are  moulded and hand painted in different paint techniques, ready to finish of that perfect look for your home or business space.


Lights started off with vintage pendant lights that are hand painted and engraved. To date we have a standard range of lights we produce, vintage pendants, wire pendants and pipe lights. We also manufacture bespoke products, tailor made to the customers’ individual interior decorating requirements.


IS Créatif  is situated in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in the Western Cape, where we have a small showroom in the studio with ample parking and card facilities

Delivery via courier for our online shoppers

Wholesale pricelist available email us with your business details.


Products by IS Créatif GietGoed, Décor and Lights are designed and manufactured only by IS Créatif.  Copying or reproducing of these products counts as a separate act of infringement, regardless of whether the final product is substantially similar.